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Manveer is a lifelong Fairfield resident who was raised in our incredible city. As a proud Vanden High graduate, Trustee to the Travis School Board, and Air Force Reservist, he is passionate about increasing community development, enhancing economic opportunity, and protecting public safety to ensure Fairfield can thrive.

Manveer received his Associate's from Napa Valley College and his Bachelors in Economics with a Minor in Finance from the neighboring University of California, Davis. During this time he began his work in community development working with organizations like the Solano County Library Foundation, Tri-City NAACP, 18th District Parent Teacher Association, and the Travis Regional Armed Forces Committee.

While completing his degree at UC Davis, Manveer began his service as a Trustee to the Travis Unified School District where he oversaw 9 schools and an $80 million budget, spearheaded the passage of financial literacy curriculum, and advocated nationally to increase Impact Aid for the District. In this role, Manveer remained committed to working to ensure that Travis Unified School District remains a District of choice for all those who call Fairfield home. 

Aside from his public policy and non-profit experience, Manveer has intelligence, finance and real estate experience through work in banking, Wiseman Commercial and the Air Force Reserve at Travis Air Force Base.

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